Thursday, April 29, 2010

Whatever Friday 4/29



Okey Dokey Smokey' today I am a very, VERY happy person because it is my last day at my current occupation, working with computers. I am moving on to pursue bigger and brighter dreams in the world of fashion and beauty. I will also be oh so close to A. and Q....just wanted to share...YAY!

So this past weekend I visited my old hair stylist, Rebecca Palmer at The New You Salon in Alma, GA. She brought me back to lovely blonde locks and I couldn't be happier. While I was there she introduced me 2 very new and cool tools for your hair. Today, I wanted to tell you guys what I just discovered and am very excited about.

1. Steam hair dryer- Now, if you've ever had your hair colored or permed you have sat underneath one of those loud nosy hair dryers. Well, when I sat underneath my salon dryer last week, expecting to be blown away by the noise as I read my gossip magazines, I was pleasantly surprised to hear....NOTHING! I even took a phone call! And it was all thanks to a new hair dryer that uses STEAM instead of blasting you and burning your scalp with super hot air! Fantastic!

2. A Vibrating Straightener for your hair - This was SO cool! As Rebecca was straightening my hair, I thought I heard a little buzzing of course I inquired as to what it was. She told me all about this new vibrating flat iron for your hair. I was completely enthralled! It mixes heat with vibration to shake the hair, so all of the strands glide through the plates evenly-no pulling or tugging...I'm sorry, but it's genious! I have naturally wavy/curly hair that is extremely long, so after a wash and blow-out, I have the whole Mufasa/lion's mane goin' I need the best of the best when it comes to straighteners. This had my hair so silky and straight. I think I have found my new best friend

((Forgive me for I do not have the exact brand that was used. She only had one in stock and more on the way so I haven't purchased my own yet, but I'm providing a link to a similiar product))

peace out,



So this is week, I'm a little crazy, and somewhat a HOT MESS. So with fair warning, let me know introduce you to my Divalicious Side.

It doesn't come out that often but when it does, its a little tacky, fun, and dramatic!

I'm really liking Doggy Tutus!

You can purchase a tutu for your Puppy Princess on Etsy's Shop Dazzling Diva!

Next, the diva in me loves vintage cocktail jewelry! You can purchase this ring on Etsy's shop Tonight In Paris

Excellent Shop!

Last, every Diva has a pair... Yes, I'm talking about oversized sunglasses! I would die for these vintage YSL glasses.

Major Lust!

You can purchase these on Etsy's shop Vintage Store 123

Enjoy your weekend!



Oh those clever Brits...

I am not gaga over this idea, but it has a certain charm and I kept seeing everywhere all week long.
I absolutely love people from the UK. Yeah I know who doesn't love that proper accent, big change from South Georgia. I actually hope to marry someone from across the pond one day haha. The UK has given us many, many things we enjoy, Harry Potter, The Beatles, David Beckham, Sean Connery, The RollingStones, Shakespeare, etc..however, I do not think we will be accepting this trend. Check out the link to see how you can have cute furry animals replace your lawn mower.

Now you're in New York, New York, New York!

Click the link to view trailers!,19043407-700-flash-s.105439961-,19043407-100-flash-s.105439953-,19043407-1000-flash-s.105439962-,19043407-300-flash-s.105439954-,19043407-700-wmv-s.105439963-,19043402-10300-qtv-s.105439972-,19043402-2700-qtv-s.105439969-,19043402-6800-qtv-s.105439971-

I don't know about ya'll, but I watch the trailer to Sex and The City 2 at least once a day! I am so excited about the sequel coming out May 27, and please believe I will be there opening night all dressed up just like I'm in NYC at the premiere...when in actuality I will more than likely be in Waycross, GA. but FABULOUS none the less.


Ray Lamantagne is my obsession! His songs are so mellow and relaxing. His voice is rugged and he puts so much emotion into his songs. I recommend going to iTunes IMMEDIATELY and buying all three of his albums.


Till the Sun Turns Black

Gossip in the Grain.




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