Monday, April 5, 2010


Hello, Hello!!!

I know all you have missed us this past week, haven’t you?!? We have been on vacay, taking our mini-break before moving into our second month of blogging. I kept jokingly calling it our “Spring Break 0’10!” Yes, I know we are not in college anymore and aren’t given such luxuries, but we took one anyway!


Now we are back, refreshed, and ready to start a super-fun month filled with all kinds of ideas and Do-It-Yourself projects about…..::drumroll::


I know we have told you all before and most of our readers have caught on to the idea that A, Q, and I have decided to coordinate our posts with an "Artsy" monthly theme. For March we went “green” and because so many of our friends are married, or getting married, or will one day be married we have chosen this lovely month of April to shine the spotlight on weddings! We all know that a wedding ceremony is the celebration of a marriage between two people. Now, please keep in mind that our posts this month aren’t going to be about the “marriage” but all about the WEDDING-Everything that goes into the ceremony from the clothing attire to the proper etiquette. Sometimes a wedding can be a giant tacky spectacle or small and perfect.

One thing that all weddings have in common is “the dress.” Yes, what the bride wears down the aisle is the highlight of the ceremony. All of the guests anxiously wait until they can get a glimpse of that bride in her perfect wedding dress. Because I am the “Bloggy Fashionista,” I thought it only appropriate to center my attention on a different approach to finding your own perfect wedding dress.

Pretty much everyone knows that you can Google how to find your perfect wedding dress online or read a few bridal magazines to find “the perfect wedding dress for your shape.” And while these tips are fantastic and can be really helpful to some people, they only discourage some creative minds, like me, who are left with a void. How CAN a person get the perfect wedding dress for themselves if the perfect wedding dress isn’t out there?!? And that dress isn’t out there because it is yet to be designed. (No, I am NOT engaged, but will get married one day…maybe Vegas!?! and sorry I keep saying perfect ;)

I attained my degree in Fashion Design, so it has always been a dream of mine to design a wedding dress for myself. I have always loved looking at bridal magazines from an early age and am still very interested in bridal fashion. I think it is a fascinating avenue of fashion design. The whole idea of helping someone feel beautiful on their special day seems magical. As a matter of fact, this year I have entered some wedding dress design competitions and have been experimenting with creating custom-made wedding veils. I thought it would be fun to show my readers two of my wedding dress designs, so ENJOY!!

I also have a sneaky feeling that there are others out there who desire the same thing, but might lack the technical skills to do design their own dress. If this is the case, I recommend collecting images of the dress details that you love and if you’re ambitious, try a sketch! If not, why not investigating fashion designers or fashion students to assist you with designing and making your dress. Some seamtresses will jump at the chance to assist you, but know that it will take a lot of work. If you are curious about the whole idea, why not try expermenting online with a website that assists you in designing your own dress.

Take your design to a bridal boutique and the sales associates might be able to find something similiar in their store.

Whether you have your wedding dress made, you make your own, or you purchase one, always make sure about two things.

1. That you feel comfortable.

2. That you feel beautiful.

However you come to possess your dress, as long as those two things are right, how can it not be perfect?

"Looking good, Billy Ray! Feeling good, Louis!"

peace out,

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