Monday, April 19, 2010

Grooms Wear

Grooms Wear. Sometimes Ignored… But Not Forgotten.

So, as I have already posted this month, the wedding dress is the star of the show in regards to the bridal party attire. Yes, yes the BIG REVEAL when the bride walks down the aisle in her dress is a very important moment, but we also need to remember that the groom is the other very important star of the show and he needs to be chic and suave as well. For this week’s post I have decided to touch base on grooms wear, which is a part of the wedding that is often pushed aside but cannot be forgotten! I mean, C’MON! - These men need to be a perfectly stylish match for their perfect partner!

I love menswear and always have, so it has been fun doing my bridal magazine research for MEN for a change. I have determined that there are pretty much four different styles that men can go with when it comes to their outfit for the big day so here they are!


FORMAL: When the man is choosing FORMAL dress, the ceremony will most likely be an evening event where guests will be in black-tie or evening attire. *Think hotel ballroom- “fancy, shmancy.”

FORMAL attire will usually be your traditional black tuxedo. There needs to be a nice, crisp, formal white or cream button-front shirt. You should wear a bow tie with a single-breasted jacket to slim your waist and no cummerbund needed- it’s so dated! Go with classic accessories. *If you want to add a little flair to this classic look, go with a velvet bow-tie like this ensemble to your top left by Tom Ford....or a white dinner jacket that is so insanely chic and mouth-watering like this one by Tommy Hilfiger....a'la Humphrey Bogart. Just gorgeous. (my fav.)

TRADITIONAL: A groom will choose TRADITIONAL dress when there will be a semiformal reception. This is going to be your classic suit in black, charcoal grey, or navy. The suit should have clean, straight lines- no pleats! Enhance the suit by pairing it with button-front shirt in lavender or baby blue. Don’t go overboard with your tie; choose a nice solid or striped tie in complimenting hues. Again, stay classic with your accessories.

TRENDY: Now, this option is not for the faint at heart! A TRENDY outfit choice will be best suited for a wedding and wedding party that is hip and trendy. This suit should be skinny with tapered pants and a single-button jacket. You could go with any color choice for your shirt, but be daring and go for navy blue, plum purple, or green! Try a suit jacket in velvet like this one by Neil Barrett-OMG THIS IS TO DIE FOR! LOVE LOVE!(can you tell I'm loving velvet right now?) Wear this skinny suit with a skinny tie and really go for it when it comes to accessories. Try trendy shoes and a hip watch.

CASUAL: A CASUAL attire choice is for the groom who is getting married at the beach or on a lawn at sunset. This suit should be a cotton or linen-blend with a nice white or cream button-front shirt. NO TIE NECESSARY! Slide on loafers or dressy flip flops are appropriate for this grooms wear style. You could also add a nice pocket square in a vivid color like coral or coordinate this with the bridesmaid’s dresses!

**With whichever look you choose, men, PLEASE make sure your shirt is tailored. I hate a slouchy shirt under a BEAUTIFUL suit! **

Ladies, if you are feeling creative and want to add a personal touch to your man's attire on your big day, try using last week's DIY project and make your own boutonnieres!

"Looking good, Billy Ray! Feeling good, Louis!"

peace out,

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