Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I wanna dance with somebody...

After getting over the initial shock that yet another one of your buddies are about to walk down the aisle, the real issue starts to set in.... Am I going to bring a date? Who should I bring?

Unless you are already in a relationship, picking a date for a wedding can be more challenging than you may think.

First you have to decide if you even want to take a date or not. ( If he looked like the guy above HECK yess I would be taking a date)

If you have a large group of single friends that are going together, I say pass on the date.
There will be plenty of your single guy friends there to dance with.
(My biggest fear is when the d.j. tells you to grab someone special and take it to the dance floor for the "couples" song, A.K.A. make the single people feel uncomfortable. This is the time where I conveniently step to the bathroom. haha sad but oh so true.)

After many restless nights you finally decide YES, I am going to take a date. Now who is the lucky one? This decision comes with much thought. Here are questions you need to answer before making any decisions.
1. Does he like to dance?...You can't take a "Debbi downer" to a wedding. Dancing is a must. I'm not saying he has to be "lord of the dance", but an occasional boogie here and there is very key.
2. Does he mix well with other people?...Make sure you take someone that understands they will be surrounded by a bunch of people they do not know well. You don't want to take a big sour puss who stands awkwardly in the corner half the night. Take someone that is social and outgoing. Hopefully they can adapt well and by the end of the night feel more comfortable around you and your friends.
3. Will taking him to this wedding mean something more?...It is always weird to ask a guy to a wedding. If you are kind of dating but not yet official, it is a big step. If you have just started dating a guy and take him to a wedding, you don't want him to think you are ready for ...gulp...that type of commitment.
4. Am I comfortable staying overnight with this person?... Between destination weddings, out of town weddings, and driving back home for a wedding, you want to make sure you are comfortable staying overnight with this person. You want to make sure you are not going with someone who may awkwardly try to "put the moves" on you. Just remember you have to travel back home with this person.
5. Will you have fun?...The final and key question is the most basic. Will you have fun with this person? Weddings are the best time to celebrate and you want to make sure you take someone who will really embrace the situation and have a great time.
When in doubt you can always take a girlfriend to a wedding. There has been much speculation on whether or not it is appropriate to take a girlfriend to a wedding, since there not an actual "date". I personally think it's fine. No, I have never been a bride, but I feel when I am, I want everyone there to be comfortable, and if you want to bring a roommate, or best friend, then have at it. As long as you are there to celebrate with friends during a great event it shouldn't matter if you bring someone, or fly solo.
Email me question, comments, stories, about your wedding date criteria.

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