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DIY Flower Corsage

Do-It-Yourself: Handmade Flower Corsages

During wedding season there are many times when members of the bridal party, as well as guests, are expected to dress up more than usual. Whether it is a wedding shower, bridesmaid luncheon, rehearsal dinner, or the actual wedding, all of the participants at the event want to look their best, especially the people being honored at the event. An established tradition for most is to honor those particular guests at the special event with a corsage for the ladies and a boutonniere for the men.

Having a florist create these floral adornments is always a great way to go, but if you are one to try something new and add a little creative flair to your event, why not try making them yourself! Add a special touch to the corsages by making them and you could even try personalizing each one for that specific person.

I have been inspired by so many hand-crafted corsages and boutonnieres online and in magazines (like this gorgeous one by EmersonMade that I decided to try making one for myself. I am providing you with the steps I took in creating my very own corsage that I think will be easy to follow and modify. Please note that these instructions can be followed exactly or loosely, depending on your wishes for the outcome.

Materials needed:

1-2 yards or leftover scraps of assorted fabric
Lace trimming
Tracing paper
Pencil or Fabric Pen
Sewing needle
Spool of thread
1 pearl bead (this could vary)
1 antique circular style brooch (this could vary)
Sturdy felt or quilt backing
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
1 pin back 1-1/2”

1. Sketch out your flower design or trace one from a book. Use the tracing paper to make a pattern for your flowers. Make varying sizes. Cut out the patterns.

2. Cut some different sized fabric squares. (This will make cutting the flowers easier) Cut out at least 1 flower in each size of each of the different fabric choices. You can either pin the pattern to fabric or trace with a fabric pen before cutting.

3. After you have finished cutting out your fabric flowers try arranging them in different orders. I recommend starting with the largest flowers at the back and getting smaller as you move towards the top of stack. I placed some of my smallest flowers at different places on the stack, not always having the center of the flower in the middle of the stack.

4. When the stack of flowers is complete, take the back flower and using your needle and thread, stitch the lace trimming around the outer edge.

5. When the lace trimming has been applied, place the largest flower underneath the stack. Now the corsage is ready to be assembled. Using your needle and thread (and possible a thimble, depending on thickness) stitch through the center of the stack several times, until the stack feels sturdy together, and knot in the back.

6. Place your pearl bead at the center of the stack (or skewed if you prefer) and stitch in place.

7. Now, take your brooch and center in around the pearl. Pin in place.

8. Trace a circle or whatever shape backing you prefer onto the felt. (Make sure the backing does not exceed the outside of the flower)Cut out.

9. Using your hot glue gun, glue the backing circle to back of the “flower stack.” (This could also be stitched in place, but I recommend the glue gun-faster and EASIER!)

10. Also using the hot glue gun, glue the pin back to the piece of backing and VOILA! Your corsage is finished!!

Now that the corsage is finished, give it as a gift or to a very special someone! You can pin this to a cocktail dress, wedding dress, or cardigan! Instead of applying the pin back or in addition to, you could add elastic to be worn around a wrist. However, if you are planning on wearing around your wrist or are using the same method to make a boutonniere for a man, I recommend a much smaller version.

For the different events or seasons of the year, you could always alter your materials. If this is for a fall wedding, why not use artificial leaves in deep reds and golds or even try incorporating wheat. If you want more texture and dimension, try handpainting the petals or using different cutting shears to cut the petals. Also, you could eliminate using antique jewelry or use a different type of bead for the center. There are so many options for specialization!!!

After you have worn this as a corsage for your special event, you could thread this on a skinny belt or pin in your hair! There are so many options for how to wear your hand-crafted corsage aside from what it was initially made for. I think I will wear my corsage pin to church soon or pin in my hair for an upcoming wedding! I hope you enjoy!

If you decide to try this DIY out, let me know! We would love to hear feedback!

‘Looking good, Billy Ray! Feeling good, Louis!”

peace out,


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