Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Originally this week I was going to write about the giving of the gifts. What to give, how much to spend, yadda yadda yaa... however while researching I was amazed at all the cute little wedding trends out there right now. Even though I am not even close to getting married anytime in the near future, what girl doesn't look at a wedding dress, cake, invitation, the decor, and think "Hmm I want that at my wedding!". The following are just some really cute trends and ideas that I like, and may possibly one day use on my BIG day!

Birdcage Veil.

I have always loved these types of veils but do not see them often. These vintage-looking veils are combine a jewel clip or feathered headpiece with a netting that only covers the face. To me wearing the birdcage veil is more dramatic and romantic. Plus you don't have to worry about all the hassle with the traditional longer veils.


Many brides today are opting for a "second" wedding dress, AKA the Party dress. This dress is usually short and more comfortable than a heavy bridal gown. Brides are ditching the long train and uncomfortable corset for a dress they can let loose in and dance the night away.


Spicing up your wedding pictures with a few silly ones here and there. You don't want to look so "stiff" on your wedding day.

COCKTAIL HOUR Having a cocktail hour (NO longer than an hour) is a perfect way to let the guest mingle, drink, and snack, while waiting on the bride, groom and wedding party to arrive.

Mixing Band and DJ
Many couples today are having both a band and a D.J. at their wedding. I love this idea. A live band is great and unpredictable, however it is kind of a buzz kill when you have been dancing and the band has to take a break. That is where the D.J. comes in and spices up the jams a little bit. Maybe play some hip hop, or alternative that the band may not be able to perform.

Once again I apologize about posting late. I hope you enjoyed it. E-mail me some of your favorite wedding trends.



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