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So last night one of my fav shows had their season finale. Project Runway has been on since I was a freshman in college. They started out on Bravo and have now moved to the watered down Lifetime. The show just isn't as good for some reason but I cant help watching every Thursday at 10 PM. I am a fashion person after all.....

So all of the finalists pretty much knocked it out at their runway shows. Everybody really stepped it up and showed great collections....I honestly was impressed. Today I wanted to give you a little snippet of the results of last night's finale...HERE GOES


Her inspiration was SHADOWS. Now, I love black....but I needed more color. All of her looks were made well and looked great. While the judges really loved this collection it was exactly my cup of tea.


Inspiration: 1970's Harlem. COLOR ME BAD was the title of his collection. There were some amazing pieces and he really did know how to use color to my liking. He created his own signature print and all of his pieces really did look like they could be worn right off the runway. He was a consistent winner throughout the season but the judges felt he showed more of a signature clothing line rather than a "collection." He was good, but not my favorite.





His inspiration was 1940's French and German military. I thought he did a FANTASTIC job. He was my favorite of the season and he only impressed me more with his final collection. Only needing 10 looks for the runway, he came prepared with 24! Now THAT is dedication. He had a creative, fun use of color and texture. His looks were polished yet whimsical. I want to be one his models because I want to wear those outfits! The clothes were fresh and hip and I love the models hairpieces- so fun and quirky! Go Seth Aaron! I'm so happy he won...ahhh...smiley face :)

Check out how fun these looks are. See more from all of the designers at the following link:

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Good Morning My Wonderful MaQnolias!
I have had an incredible week! I'm really starting to feel like a true business woman, in fact I'm feeling so inspired that I thought I would dedicate to this post to some small businesses that are TOTALLY AWESOME!

MAGPIE Lovely was formed to introduce the boutique shopping consumer to the world of handmade, independent artists. The products featured here are made exclusively by independent crafters and artisans and are never made in a factory. THE SPRING LINE IS AMAZING!

Inspired by antiques and the lovely world of interior design, her bold patterns and statement jewelry capture all things beautiful in the design world. With classic elegance and urban sophistication, Devon Baer's collection of preppy and whimsical handcrafted belts and jewelry reflect her personal style. Their Accessories are TOO CUTE!
Stella & Dot is the modern home-based career that your mother never had. We’ve put the power of ecommerce, social networking and personal service behind an irresistible jewelry line. It’s the next big opportunity for our era. Yes, this is a large business, but what i love about stella & dot is that anyone can do it. They have great products & new have a new approach to selling. This ain't no Mary Kay!

Each "stylist" is setup with their own online account- Our smart e-marketing tools and Facebook tie-ins are just a few of the easy tools we provide to give you an instant e-commerce business. It's simple- our modern social selling model helps you sell all the ways your customers want to shop. No more drop-ins at your house, unless you want.
I REALLY LOVE THIS COMPANY & if you are looking for a way to make some cash on the side check it out. Here are some of there stylish products:

Have a Great Weekend!


Hello maqnolias!


When I was younger I did not like 3D movies at all. They made me semi-nautious, however, I guess with age I have learned to tolerate it, and I now really enjoy movies in 3D. Avatar was my first 3D movie in ages, followed by How to Train your Dragon and I must admit, the 3D aspect gave both movies a different aspect, I felt like I wasn't at the movies. The only thing I don't like is it costs more to watch a movie in 3D, boo!! So if you have been on the fence about 3D movies, give it a whirl and go watch one!! I'm waiting to see someone have a 3D wedding, that would be interesting.


Concert in the Country Concept.

In May One of my favorite musicians ever, ever, ever LUKE BRYAN is putting on a concert in Mershon, GA. I know some of our out of town/state readers may be thinking 'Ok...where is Mershon.' This is exactly why it's brilliant. Mershon is not even a dot on a map. It has one red light..maybe. The fact that a musician such as Luke Bryan is doing a concert in a small town is genius. It's cheap, and accommodating to fans. I became a Luke fan years ago when he played half empty bars in Valdosta and Statesboro. He is such an awesome performer and the fact that he is willing to do a show in the middle of nowhere for fans who otherwise may not travel, or could afford to go see him...well It's amazing. Kudos Luke, see you in Mershon!


So I stumbled across this website full of things I will never ever be able to afford, but for some reason I still like to read about these pretty, shiny things! has pages upon pages of the most expensive things in the world, and we are not just talking about jewelry, homes, cars, yachts..they cover everything including most expensive tap water, cereal, mattresses, flip flops, wigs, blackberry cases... the list goes on and on. I recommend checking it out. Why? Just because...

Have a Great weekend!!



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