Thursday, April 8, 2010

Whatever Friday




You know....I have never really been a fan of Jessica Simpson, but I have to give her props for how she's handled the media scrutiny she's dealt with over the years. She has handled all sorts of mess in the tabloids due to her love-life and physical appearance. With that being said, I am really liking the fact that she has agreed to pose on the cover of Marie Claire magazine in NO makeup and without photo retouching. Even though I consider myself a very confident person...if I had gone through what she's gone through in the media...I kinda think I wouldn't leave the house unless I was in full body Spanx and stage makeup. So, bravo Jessica!! What a great message for young girls and BTW (by the way) you look fresh-faced and lovely!


I know I've said I love Lady Gaga before...but I totally went GAGA over my New York Magazine this week! I LOVE this article- Growing Up Gaga. The Lady was on the cover as well as a full spread inside. The majority of people only see the crazy outer appearance of Gaga, but to get an inside look into her life and how she got started was like a sweet little piece of pie. I really did love reading it. Click on the link below and read for yourself!!


Today as I was looking over ony my lunch break I came across something fantastic! There was a whole story on how The Addams Family are coming to Broadway. Eeeek! I am a total Broadway musical junkie. I love listening and jamming out to my favorite soundtracks like...constantly, so when I saw THIS I squealed with delight. I'm totally lusting over this because I am not in New York anymore and cannot walk around the corner, literally, and go see the show. I will have to try to see it on my next trip. I bet it will be has Nathan Lane as Gomez Addams and Nathan is like a Broadway GOD. likey. Click on the following link to find out more.

Enjoy your weekend peeps!

"Looking good, Billy Ray! Feeling good, Louis!"

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Good Morning Fellow Readers!

Please don't be to jealous, I'm at the beach right now! So I'm going to keep it short & sweet.

I really like monogrammed cake carriers. I think these are the perfect gift for any lady! I love to bake & I love the idea of carrying them in style. You can find these on etsy, or any local gift boutique.

I'm in love with Chanel's 2010 Spring nail color. GRAY! Yes, its gray, but so wonderfully muted & gorgeous! However, since we can't all afford Chanel nail polish, here is a great knock off on Essie.

Last, I have a new rug lust. Yesterday I got my summer catalog for Anthropologie, and I kinda died when I saw their newest collection of rugs. They are so beautiful, but I really like the animal prints. Here are some of my favorites.

Enjoy Your Weekend!

Lulu certainly is...



This week I have really been into music. I go through phases where all I do is listen to music, no reading, no T.V.,.... just music. I like to explore new artists that I haven't yet heard, listen to different versions of songs, play some of my vinyls, and jam to old songs I had forgotten were on my iPod. I work better when I have music on, certain songs, certain parts of songs really inspire me I can stay up hours writing, and writing, because I was inspired by the hook of one song.

Here are three of the songs I have been absolutely killing this week...



I don't care who you are... this song will make anyone get up and dance, sing, and jump around like a rock god playing "Air Guitar".... personally in this particular song I play "Air Piano"!! If you don't already have it get it... IMMEDIATELY!!


A.K.A. Totally OBSESSED!!


Ok so I'm slightly obsessed with this guy. Marcus Foster is an unsigned BRITISH (Major bonus points) musician. His style is a mixture of Folk/Blues/ Alternative. He has several songs but only has an EP avaliable for purchase on iTunes right it! it is totally worth it. My favorite songs of his thus far are
*14 times
*Kiss is a knife.

Ok with this next one... it's basically a hit or miss. I will either gain cool points or loose them depending on your criteria.... All week long, I have been running, writing, riding around in the car BLARING this song...The theme song from the movie Dragon Heart performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic.
This song is often used in the "In Memory.." montage at the Academy Awards.
This song has the "AWE" factor. It inspires me, makes me cry and smile all at the same time. It's like an emotional roller coaster ride.
I recommend putting all of these songs on your iPod Immediately!!
Hope you all have a Fabulous weekend!!


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