Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wedding Crashers!

Hello all my blooming Maqnolias!!

I know you missed us over our mini-break, but just so you know we took that time and rearranged some things. As you can see we have a completely different line-up. I am now on Wednesday, whoop whoop!! Not only do I have a new day, but I also am changing up my blogging style. I am going to focus more on advice, tips, and true stories. Yes, this means audience participation is a must. I want to hear your stories, questions, anything you got, no matter how embarrassing they are.

Ahhh wedding season is upon us. You can feel it in the soon as Spring rolls around, and everything is pretty again, the aroma of marital bliss is all around you...quiet suffocating actually.

So another friend has decided to "bite the dust", and the first thing that pops into your mind is not 'Oh how exciting! I'm so happy for you', Although you are excited and happy for them, while hugging and carrying on and what not...your brain is simultaneously thinking more along the lines of...

'Dang it, I need a date, who can I take?' (and you mentally go through all your available guy friends within a .5 sec. time frame. or if the wedding is a significant amount of time away, you convince yourself you will have a boyfriend by then. Ha yeah good luck with that.)

or you maybe thinking.

'What am I going to wear? Nothing black of course...or was it white?...I hope the groom has cute single friends... my ex will probably be there, and I have to look fabulous!'

'What kind of gift should I get?'

'Wow I have been dating *Joe a year longer than they have, why hasn't he proposed?'

All of these things run through your mind before the "wed-to-be" even finishes the word engaged..they make it to about 'enga..', yeah, and then your mind starts turning, just don't forget to breathe.

Thousands of websites, and articles have been dedicated to "Bride & Groom" etiquette, or "Bridal party" etiquette, but it's rare you find a guest etiquette. Guest etiquette is extremely important. I have been down the aisle before, 8 times to be exact, no..never as a bride. I have been everything from the flower girl, to the maid of honor. I have also attended weddings as a guest at least 2 dozen times. So I feel I have built up enough "Wed-Cred" to give advice on proper wedding guest etiquette.

The Following are my top 10 DO IT./DON'T DO IT GIRL guest etiquette tips.

1- Arriving late...DON'T DO IT GIRL... Yes, yes fashionably late is a must in social situations, everyone wants to make an entrance...however weddings are a no-no. Be on time, actually, arrive at least 10 minutes early so you can be seated and settled long before the bride walks down the aisle.

2- RSVP...DO IT GIRL. Most people ignore the Repondez S'il Vous Plait at the end of an invitation. Most couples use this to prepare enough food, drinks, and space for each guest to sit comfortably.

3- Bring a date to the wedding...DO IT GIRL. As long as the invitation has Your name + Guest. Most "wed-to-be's" today only send out invitations to family and close friends, and then their announcement in the paper states All family and friends are invited to attend. If this is the case bring a date to boogie with.

4- Bring Children to the wedding...personally I think this is a DON'T DO IT GIRL. If you have kids, leave them at home. Unless they are relatives of the Bride or Groom. I have attended weddings where children have either screamed or talked during the entire ceremony...and do their parents quietly escort them from the ceremony?...NO. Ughh

5- Taking Pictures during the ceremony...DON'T DO IT GIRL. That's why they have spent thousands on a professional. Keep the digital, or wind up in your purse until the reception. The only pictures you would get at the cermony will be of the back of their heads anyway.

6- Dance before the first dance... DON'T DO IT GIRL. It's ok to sway back and forth during cocktail hour, but do not, under any circumstances, set foot on that dance floor until after the first, father/daughter, mother/son dances. I KNOW, I KNOW, you are an AMAZING dancer. But it will be super awkward and embarrassing if you show your sweet moves off before the Bride & Groom.

7- Buy a gift from the registry... DO IT GIRL. Make sure you purchase a gift from the Bride & Groom's registry. They didn't spend all that time picking out items they need just so you can buy them a monkey cookie jar because you think it's funny.

8- Speak to the Bride & Groom at the reception...DO IT GIRL. I know you are probably thinking this is a no brainer right? WRONG, believe it or not I have known people to go to weddings and not speak to the bride or groom. Crazy right? Although they are running around trying to chat with everyone, make sure by the end of the night you congratulate them.
9- Drink in Moderation....DO IT GIRL. Most receptions provide alcohol, just remember, you are there to celebrate with the bride & groom not embarrass yourself. And I should also ad...make sure your date drinks in moderation too. TRUE STORY: A friend of mine brought a date to a the end of the night he was standing up on a table without a shirt on trying to jump onto a chair that was a good 10 feet away...he was big, sweaty, drunk , and inappropriate...NEVER cute, especially at a wedding reception.

and finally ....

10- Wear White do a Wedding...DON'T DO IT GIRL. So white is your favorite color, and it compliments your skin tone so well, and just looks so good on you...You know who else looks good in white? THE BRIDE. Surely you must own something else. Wedding trends change every year, but this one is set in stone ladies. Red is another color you should not wear to a wedding. Rumor has it, wearing red indicates you have "hooked up" with the groom. It's been said, black is too morbid and should be for funerals not weddings, I say DO IT GIRL. Black has become acceptable for weddings, it is very elegant and classy, you can never go wrong with this choice.

If you have any questions, comments, or stories please ask, post, share, email, whatever. I would love to hear your stories of a DO IT/ DON'T DO IT GIRL moment. Hope you all have a FABULOUS week.



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