Thursday, April 29, 2010

Showcase Thursday- April 29

Every Thursday of our weekly blog we present a showcase. The showcase is of a particular someone or company that is playing an active part in the world of art, fashion, and all around creativity. We hope that this segment of our blog serves as a platform for some of the people and businesses we find interesting.
We want to show off people who are making lasting footprints in our fascinating little world.

This girl is an artist by all definitions: singer, poet, will make you sick with envy. 
Maggie Smith was born about six centuries too late. Upon discovering that she had entirely missed the Italian Renaissance, the Battle of Waterloo, the invention of the steam engine and the sexiness of young Elvis, she thought “Crap! I better see what this century is all about!” And she has been investigating ever since.
Maggie enjoys heart break in all its forms. She eats dark chocolate and plays her music too loud. She loves her convertible more than most people love their pets, and she knows the future.
If you would like to share in her discoveries, you can listen to her music (, or look at her paintings (, or read her terrible poetry ( You can also go to itunes, and you'll find her (but only after wading through the mentions of dame Maggie Smith, the actress). 
Or you can find her on facebook, and give her a virtual hug. She greatly appreciates those! (

Inside the mind of Maggie...
Love or Money?
Love, even though it seems to be a lot like money in that it's initially hard to get, the more you give the more you get, and it makes life far more pleasant!

If you could have a luncheon with any three people (real of fictitious/ from any time period, dead or alive) , which three people would you choose and why?
That's a tough one, because on certain days I would really want to see certain people. For instance, on a bad day I think I'd like to see Joan of Arc, because hey, nothing can get worse than the inquisition, right? Also, I've always wondered if she was truly talking to the Virgin Mary and St Anne (which would make her a three-for-one deal) or if she was just crazy. I'd have to learn to speak french first, though.
On a good day I'd want to dine with Santa Claus. Christmas is awesome, I'd probably get some presents, (or at the very least sneak a peek at the nice-or-naughty list, which is like winning the blackmail jackpot) and I like talking to people who are world travelers. Plus, hopefully the luncheon would entirely consist of cookies and milk. Mmmmm.
If I really wanted to get deep though, and have the kind of luncheon where you forget to eat because the conversation is so good, I think I'd sit down with Kahlil Gibran. Every time I read his poetry I feel as though I've fed my soul something wholesome. I think his writings are honest, sometimes painfully so. Of course, my great fear would be that meeting the author might taint the purity of the work, as is sometimes the case. I think I'd probably either fall madly in love with him, or hate him.

Last song played on your ipod?
Beautiful Small Machines “Counting Back to 1”. The whole EP, "Robots in Love", is so good! It's pure nerd-pop, and perfect for summer.

Any Current Obsession?
My water bottle! I've started to carry it around all the time, which means I unwittingly chug water at all hours of the day. I feel better than I ever have in my whole life, so I highly recommend it.

If you could be any animal in the world, what would you be & why?
I would definitely be a dolphin. They're the natural enemy of the shark, they get to see the entire mysterious ocean, they have bigger brains than humans and they have sex for fun. Haha, who wouldn't want to be a dolphin? But I was tempted to say humpback whale because even though the name isn't very glamorous, I've always wanted to know why they sing. I get shivers just thinking about it.

What is the funniest word you have ever heard?
Zygotes. That word is simply ridiculous, unless you're playing Scrabble. Then it's bad ass.

Boom you've been granted 3 wishes, what are they?
First, I wish that all animals could talk. Hamburgers are so delicious, but I need to know that cows are as dumb as they seem, so I can stop feeling bad about eating them. And if they're cool, well, I guess I'll have a tofu burger. Whatever.
Second, I wish that everyone would be incapable of drug addiction. I think a lot of experimental, cool people get hooked on drugs and wake up 20 years later only to discover that they've wasted their youth.
Third, I wish for a thousand wishes! Ha ha, I win! (but really, I wish for a sandwich. That's the first wish, out of my thousand...)

MAQ gives MAGGIE SMITH a GIANT stamp of approval & we wish her the best of luck with the future! She basically oozes cool & has a road paved with fame ahead of her! You go girl!  

Check out her latest music video: 

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