Monday, May 10, 2010

Mommy & Me Monday

Hello again to all of our Artsy Readers!

As you have noticed we took a little time off of the blog last week and snuck in another "Spring Break!" I am in the process of MOVING and we are all in the middle of very important personal endeavors and trying to get our lives together. We are all very busy but we ask you all to stick with us and things will slowly get back to MAQ normal.

Yesterday was Mother's Day and I hope everyone took the time out to tell their mothers how much they love them in some special way. Remember peeps, without them there would be no YOU! I would like to take the time to publicy thank my Marmie for everything she does for me and has always done. There is no one else in the world who could be my mother and I love you.

SO, here we go!! Like I said earlier, I am in the process of moving into a new house so I'm going to make this blog post short and sweet. In the spirit of Mother's Day I thought it would great to kinda go with that theme for today. I think it is just precious when family's dress alike for special occasions or family photos. Whatever the occasion is, I always think it's a huge thumbs up to at least have a few looks that are kinda sorta matchy matchy and ever so chic and fabulous. I don't have any kids so I went with some of the brands that I wore as a child. I honestly think I had a jumper with my name on a piece of fruit on the front for every day of the week...and I LOVED it!

I'm going to present you with some adorable "Mommy & Me" looks for mothers and daughters....and fathers and sons even!

Kelly's Kids - SO adorable...OMG!

Strasburg Children

Lilly Pulitzer- For the trendy Mommy & Minnie!

I hope you enjoyed looking at these cutesie family ensembles. Check out the provided links to see more.

Have a good week!

"Looking good, Billy Ray!

Feeling good, Louis!"

peace out,


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