Friday, May 28, 2010

Whatever Friday 5/28




On this sweet little Friday I wanted to let all you readers in on a few of my guilty pleasures...all having to do with TELEVISION. I'm a movie lover first and foremost, and I love to read...but have been known to be sucked into the world of TV.

I just got television this past weekend so I've been able to catch up on some of my shows that I've been missing out on the past few weeks. Now that I no longer live in Statesboro, GA I have the Bravo channel again and it's literally taking over my life...fa realz. If you don't already know me and for those of you that do....of course I've been getting my American Idol and Glee fix every Tuesday on Fox and you know I can't wait for the new season of True Blood on HBO. BUT I've just discovered a new show and RE-discovered a few others. It's almost embarrassing at times when I tell people about the things that I enjoy watching, but then I'm like "WHO CARES!?!" because I can't help it, I like what I like.

So, here goes... in case any of you guys were interested...

1.New TV obsession that is tacky and over the top entertaining.


on Style.

It's about these peeps from New Jersey who are hair stylists and makeup artists. It's ironic because you look at these characters and you think that people would be scared to have them help anyone in the beauty department. They are tanned and teased to the max. THE MAX! It's funny and over the top and I am throughly entertained by the breed of people that come from Jersey. I fist-pump while I surf the channels, hoping that it's on. (not really but I do like the show)

2. Re-discovery of an old favorite.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

on Bravo

I told you guys I love the people from New Jersey! They are so entertaining! It's like they live in an entirely different universe and I love to watch their lives unfold in front of me. It has an air of The Sopranos (famous mob show from HBO) to it with housewife Caroline stating in the first season that her family is "thich as thieves" and having castmate Danielle having a past tainted with name changes and kidnapping! Of course, I'm not an idiot and I know most of it is "put-on" for TV, but hey, it's so fun to watch! These ladies are the best housewives that have ever come through Bravo, and like Jerseylicious, they are over the top entertaining. They are tanned and dressed to the nines...always, with attitudes that could cut you like knives.

I hope all you cats have a fantastic weekend! If you're bored, catch up on your Jersey TV!

peace out,


So Peeps, this Friday I want to share with you a new artist that is after my own heart! Artist Susan Jane Belton at the Howard Yezerski Gallery is creating works on one of my fazies, COFFEE. I think these would be ridiculously amazing in my kitchen! Actually,  I think one of these needs to be in my possession NOW!  
There works are so great! Yes, they are fun, but they also are a reflection of our "go" society. 

These drawings are studies for her coffee cup portraits, shown below. 

I hope your weekend will be as enjoyable as your morning cup of joe! A.
"Coffee is my cup of tea."

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