Friday, May 14, 2010

Whatever Friday 5/14


Hey Guys! So what I've been thinking about this week is moving and dealing with life disconnected from the entire world. Yes, that's right, I have been without Internet, radio, or cable television! Moving into a new house means getting things set up and connected, which is yet to be done. I have been so totally focused on unpacking boxes that I haven't even worried with anything else. The only connection I have had is through random Facebook updates sent to my phone...which, at the moment, is at my house connected to the charger- not with me!

I am actually kinda liking this. So my "Whatever Friday" post for this week is not a product but an idea. Because we live in age where everyone relies on technology it is almost completely unheard of to go off the radar, but listen, I have done it and it can be quite refreshing. SO, I present you with a dare. I dare you to go 1 day completely disconnected or heck, even a few hours. Don't check your email, Facebook, or Twitter....NO TV! Also, take your phone with you in case of emergencies but LEAVE IT OFF! It will be quite interesting but I trust you will feel like a new person.

Happy Weekend! See you Monday!

peace out,


Good Morning MAQ Readers!
So lets get right into it! This week I've been searching for the perfect beach tote. I've got a great swimsuit, hot sunglasses, a monogrammed towel, now all I need is that one little bag that sets the scene. I searched all sites and to my surprise had the best selection...Unfortunately, I still haven't made my mind up, so if you have a favsie let me know! Here are some gold star finds!

Liking Nautical Totes:

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Lusting Over TORY BURCH



Good Morning MaQnolias!!

If you haven't already noticed, season finales are beginning to happen. Now I do not watch a lot of T.V., I have a few shows that I DO NOT MISS.


So I am probably the only person in the entire world who is not all into the "Twilight" Saga. I grew up on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and vampires that sparkle just do not do it for me. I started watching the Vampire Diaries with my mom, she watches anything SCIFY, or with vampires, wolves, dog, bear....those are key words for her. I thought Vampire Diaries would be just a TV version of Twilight...but to my surprise it's not.

It is still kind of cheesy at times... but I like cheesy at times!

Last nights finale was suspiciously good. Kathryn came back dun dun duuunnn... For those of you who need to be updated Kathryn is this centuries old vampire who looks a lot like Alana (human). Kathryn used to have Stefan and Damon (to vampire brothers) both head over heels in love with her until she died...or so they thought.

Now hundreds of years later Stefan (the good brother) has fallen in love with Alana who looks identical to Kathryn (creepy). Turns out Alana was adopted and is someway related to Kathryn. Damon (the "bad boy" brother) has developed this big crush on Alana...we think. Really must History repeat itself?

After a long night of crazy vampire shenanigans we find Damon and Alana on the porch and they totally MOUTH HUGGED! Ahhh yeah I was disappointed. Until..."Alana" goes inside at the request of her aunt and it turns out it's really KATHRYN! Didn't see that one coming. If you do not watch The Vampire Diaries then you are probably totally lost, but it sounds interesting huh? Hulu the first season and play catch up before the next season, it's loaded with eye candy.


Yes I am still a MEGA fan for Greys Anatomy...I can't help it. After last nights episode they showed a preview for next weeks 2 hour season finale....I am BAD scared. Apparently there is going to be a shooter in the hospital and that makes me really nervous.

I suspect the shooter is going to be Owen, Dr. Yangs new boo, who has major Afghanistan flashback issues, Or the guy who recently lost his wife and tried to sue the hospital. But then again it could be some random psycho.

I really hope none of the characters get shot...and die. I mean you can get shot and survive, but we lost O'maley last year...we can't loose another one.

The shooter almost over shadows the fact that Meredith is Preggo! FINALLY.

But this drives into suspicion that Derek will get shot...rumor has it Patrick Dempsy is wanting out of his contract. No McDreamy..No Greys that's the way I see it people. Guess we will just have to wait an agonizing week to see what happens next.




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