Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Staple

Summer Staple
As you all have probably caught on by now, MAQ are blogging lately about SUMMER! We are showing you all our favorite tips and styles for summer. Going with that theme, I have decided to show all you ladies a little garment that will surely be a staple in your closet this summer and well into the fall.



Yes! I saw this in a magazine and then in a store and thought to myself "of course." Have you ever been caught in your closet, just completely lost trying to find an outfit? If so, take this style tip and you won't have this problem all summer. The shirtdress is great because there are so many options to change up your look with this one piece of clothing.

You can pair it with skinny jeans and a skinny belt for a tunic look.

Or wear it open over your favorite bikini with metallic sandals and a chic beach bag.

Also, you could wear it over a cami with ballet flats and a great summer handbag.

Find one in a nice shade of summer or a perfect neutral and you will be set. This is the greatest staple to your summer wardrobe because you can wear anytime for a variety of different occasions. My only MUST is to MAKE SURE YOUR BOTTOM IS COVERED! There is nothing I hate more than cheekage's just tacky and tasteless. Other than that, shirt-it-up ladies.

Try this great option from American Apparel

Totally affordable! Only 52 bones!

"Looking good, Billy Ray!

Feeling good, Louis!"

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