Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Sometimes you just gotta get away with the girls."

Ok ladies there is only one more night until the much anticipated Sex and the City sequel. I am so excited I probably will not be able to sleep tonight.

We all know how the fabulous quartet live a lifestyle that many of us try to imitate. Big City, small town, it doesn't matter, we are FABULOUS anywhere. If you and your friends are Sex and the City fans then more than likely you have had the "I'm soo the Carrie" conversation.

When we sit down with our girlfriends and have the debate over which friend is which character naturally everyone thinks they are the Carrie. Yes I have had this conversation with my girlfriends and we have decided I'm 90% Carrie and 10% Samantha. Yes there is a full blown Samantha in my group, and a Charlotte, Miranda, and even a Stanford.

So in the spirit of the fab four I have decided to put this debate to rest with the following descriptions of each character see which one fits you the best!


-Led by her Emotions

- Often the Peace Maker

- Charming

- The glue that holds the friends together.

- Although she has dabbled in different relationships to find true love, she is a single gal at heart.

- Has a unique fashion since and wears whatever she feels like rather it be see through, vintage, couture, second hand, she wears it with the confidence that makes it simply fabulous.

- Most "flirtatious" of all four.

- Very out spoken

- Loyalty to her friends.

- Non-judgemental

- Extremely candid and honest.

- Doesn't care what anyone else thinks of her.

- Independent.

- No desire to get married and have kids.


- Most conservative & Traditional of the group.

- Totally optimistic about love.

- Is always there for her friends.

- Soft personality.

- Preppy style but can bring out the Va Va Voom when necessary.

- Career minded
- Cynical when it comes to men and relationships.
- Often the voice of reason.
- Tough on the outside - Mush on the inside.
- A great listener but often judgemental.
- The friend who pulls you out of a situation to help you see clearer and get the bigger picture.
Get all of your girlfriends together, get all dolled up - go out for some martinis - and go see the sequel! It will be a great girls night out!
E-mail me and let me know what you think of the film!

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