Tuesday, May 18, 2010


High school graduation is right around the corner, and everyone is stressing over what to buy. First and foremost, let me say that you cannot go wrong with $ money! But for those of us who are on a budget, I have a great do-it-yourself graduation gift perfect for any senior.
So this year, I have some pretty special seniors in my life and I wanted to get them a little something a different & very memorable. So after shopping on etsy and other sites, I kept noticing these "College Emergency Kits", the kits come pre-assembled with little whatnots for grads. 
But it got me thinking! I should make College Survival Kits and personalize them for all my favorite seniors! 

So Let's Get Started! 
Make a dorm room survival kit: 
  1. shower caddy (something to put all your goodies inside of) 
  2. shower shoes 
  3. ramen noodles soup
  4. ear plugs
  5. hot chocolate 
  6. air freshener 
  7. travel size sewing kit  
  8. hand-held book light  
  9. small fan
  10. shoe organizer for closet 

OR do a first aid theme for the kit, Materials Needed: 
  1. hydrogen peroxide
  2. chap stick
  3. cotton balls
  4. nail clippers
  5. tweezers
  6. aspirin 
  7. first aid cream 
  8. band-aids
  9. rubbing alcohol
  10. pamphlet on First Aid 
OR Try this Intense DIY: 
Created By Jana & Pam of Funkits
Materials Needed:
Confetti- To celebrate your high school graduation, your acceptance into college and your 18th birthdayGift Card – So that you can treat yourself to something special
Skittles – May your college experience be as “colorful as a rainbow”
Good-n-plenty- May you have “good” times and “plenty” of success in college
Candle – The “burning light” of the candle represents your constant hard work and dedication throughout college
Sweet-n-sour candy – To appreciate the differences in your roommates and
accept them for who they are
Personal Message Center – So that you’ll always get your messages
Stars  - Never stop dreaming
Eraser – Each day brings a new chance your way
Door- So many “doors” of opportunities will be opening for you
Starburst- For the extra “burst” of energy for late night studying
Crayons- To “color” your days bright and sunny
Smiley Face Sticker - To always remember to “smile”
Hugs & Kisses – To always remember that you are loved
Fun Dip – Always remember to “dip into some fun” while you’re away at college
Extra gum – For the “extra” motivation to conquer your exams
Balloons – To remind you not to “blow up” when things don’t go exactly as you planned
Paper Clip - To help keep things together when they seem to be getting out of control
Highlighter - To help you “zero in” on your talents and “highlight” your skills
Payday – So there will always be money to go 
Smarties – Believe in yourself and your choices and enjoy your accomplishments
Puzzle Piece – Because you are an important “piece” of your college community
Wiggly Eyes – Don’t close your “eyes” to any opportunity, consider the possibilities
Pad of Paper – To “write” down your thoughts
Take 5 chocolate bar – Always remember to take at least “5” minutes” for yourself and relax
Shower Tote - To stay organized
Notecards – To keep in touch with family and friends
Calculator - To sum it up, “Do the best you can, trust your own judgment and you’ll do just fine”

I really enjoy these diy kits because you can do as little or as much as you want. Personalize the baskets by writing their name or initials on there. They are great for both guys and girls. Trust me, your grads will love them, use them, and remember them! 

Have Fun! 


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  2. My friends will love these for college!