Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hello Maqnolias!

Today's post is not only going to be informative but also NECESSARY for anyone who uses facebook...which is pretty much 99.9% of the people I know.

It has been bothering me for quiet sometime...and now the time has come for me to blog about it. Why? Because I can.

There are several Facebook Faux Pas that I feel need to be addressed.
I often wonder why people commit these facebook no-no's...I realize...Maybe they do not know how embarrassing it is. Maybe to them, it's cool.

So without further ado here is a list of the top 7 FACEOOK FAUX PAS...Pay Attention.

1. Taking 1516132185 pictures of yourself- Yes, yes we know you were trying to capture the perfect pout/kissy face/ smile...but we do not need to see that progression. Also having a partner in crime does not make it any better. I know sometimes when you are bored you may take pictures with a friend and they really are funny..but every album? really? And whats up with the "taking a picture of myself but I'm looking away" I don't know I'm taking a picture of myself.
--Taking pictures of yourself in a mirror....really? need I say more?
---If you and a friend are by yourselves and want a picture together and there is absolutely no one around to take it, by all means hold that arm out like I know you can and get your memory, just don't do it a gazillion times and post every single picture.

2. Status Updates- I have deleted people from my friends list for updating there status 10 times a day and clogging up my news feed! That is what twitter is for. Nobody cares that you are working out, and then going to eat, and then going to take a bath, and then watching American Idol, and then going to bed...uuhhpp but not before you brush your teeth..wheww almost forgot about that sweet little deet.
-- "Chain" Status's are awful..if you post them...Stop IMMEDIATELY!! Confused? an example of a "Chain" status is..."If you have the best mother in the world who you would do anything for re-post this." or "If you love Jesus and are a true christian you will re-post this. If you don't you are not a true christian." --- Really?! I do have the best mother ever...and I do believe in Jesus..but I don't have to make it my fabo status...pretty sure my mother will love me regardless and when I get to the pearly gates JC isn't going to turn me away because I didn't let the Facebook world know that I was a christian.
--Status's about your relationship--Listen up, It's ok to state that you and your honey are going out, or that he sent you flowers, or surprised you with a massage. It is NOT ok to basically announce that you will be getting some "lovin" later because the kids are gone. Or snuggled up in bed with the guy you are shacking up with. Seriously I have seen these with my Own was terrible and I was embarrassed for the people who posted it.

3. TAGGING Pictures- I love the fact that you can "tag" pictures on facebook. You may have taken a picture that I really like, or that I look really good in and I want a copy. However....Tagging horrible and even inappropriate pictures of friends is a quick way to start a argument. I have a friend...bless her heart...and she will tag the absolute most worst picture in the world of you....ever...and not think twice about it. For example..I have put on a few pounds over the last year (yeah working on getting that off ASAP). Well my friend, who shall remain nameless tagged me in a picture where you see nothing but my back fat!! What the CRAP?!? REALLY?!?! I was not even looking at the camera, my entire back is to her and all you see is my back fat and she TAGS ME IN IT!!

4. LAME GAMES- Ok I'm sorry if you're a fan..but the farmville, mafia wars, sorority wars, etc. Have got to go. It's either them or you my friend. I cannot have you clogging up my news feed because "a baby cow got out of the pasture."

5. FIGHTING OVER FACEBOOK! Ok I have to admit...I would personally never ever do this, but I do love to read "wall-to-wall's" when there is a fued.

Whenever someone ad's me as a friend or vice versa I naturally peep the photos first, then move directly to the information. This is really where I learn if we will be friends in "real" life or just via facebook. We will not be "real life" friends if...
--Under the section for favorite books you put-
---"I don't read"...yes, yes I have facebook friends who have that...really you don't all?
---or if you just have the Bible..though it is the most important book to read, and Kudos for doing so..but realistically, if you have no other book listed you 1. probably don't read..and with that being said probably have never read the Bible..maybe a few passages here and there but not the entire thing.
-- **On a personal note...If your favorite books are the Bible and Twilight....yeaahh we will definitely NOT be friends. I would be more likely to befriend the "I don't read" candidate before confirming you.
--Under the "About me/Interests" sections You put-
--"I don't like drama and try to stay out of it, but it always seems to find me"....Ok one NOBODY likes drama...or won't admit to it at least. And if it "always" seems to find you....then you are probably 100% drama driven all the time.
---"A lot of people don't like me but they are haters and I have my true friends.."....hmmm noo a lot of people probably don't like you because you are a ....rhymes with "witch".
7. When people add you who you don't know...or don't like.
I have never fully understood this. I have had people who I DO NOT LIKE and who DO NOT LIKE me...actually try to addd me as a friend...I know what you're thinking.."oh Q who could not like you?" well there are a few but not many, and yes they have all tried to add me. So what do you do in this situation...IGNORE. DENY..whatever. Don't ad them, they just want to be nosey and keep tabs on you.
--Also If you do not know someone...don't add them. It is super creepy.
There are a hundreds Facebook Faux Pas, but these are the ones that stick out the most to me. Email me or comment below about your Facebook Faux Pas. Thanks for reading.

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