Monday, May 17, 2010

White Hot American Summer

White Hot American Summer

For the post today I wanted to show all you guys one of the HOTTEST trends for this summer. This trend goes for the guys and dolls and it is WHITE and HOT with pops of SILVER.

To start off with this is the piece of clothing that is universal and goes great on anyone, anywhere, anytime- It can be worn alone or layered.


The White Tee- Check out this great one from LnA. Oversized V-neck. Try this look with rolled-up sleeves.

Next, we have this great white halter dress from J.Crew.

White Jeans- Pair a nice gunmetal tee or plaid button-up with your white jeans. Women's are True Religion and the men's are from Ralph Lauren. They can be distressed or not, but always skinny.


Beautiful silver sequin blouse from J. Crew.

Silver flops from J. Crew.

Ray-Ban silver aviators.

Silver polish for all your fingers and toes.

Pair some of these looks together or wear them by themselves. As long as you take these ideas and apply them to your summer wardrobe, you will have yourself a White Hot American Summer !!!
"Looking good, Billy Ray!
Feeling good, Louis!"
peace out,

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