Friday, March 12, 2010

Whatever Friday

Sooo I'm Supa Excited my fave online store(ASOS) has finally converted from euros to dollars. Ok I know it may seem super lame to be excited about that, but I would always look at the clothing and think either "Hmmm I could totally afford this, I mean look how cheap it is...all the while knowing in the back of my mind it is in euros, and in actuality a hella lot more expensive." or I would be constantly trying to figure out how much it would "really" be in dollars. Yes I know I could just look up the actual difference online...but I like teasing myself, thinking I can afford something, talking myself into it, ahhh all these mind games. Big thanks to the peeps over at I can stop torturing myself.

My new do! and all the new do' s out there. Although I went darker, everyone seems to be getting ready for summer and getting Highlights, cute bobs, etc. . ....My niece Claire got her very first haircut this week. It took her two years to get any hair on her head at all, but she had to get a shape up...can't have my bunny boo looking scraggly. Seriously how presh. is she?


By now you all may have figured out I have an expensive and serious addiction....SHOES! I honestly could do a weeks worth of blogs about sho
es. Now I know most women claim that they "love" shoes...posers...but one can never truly love shoes until they refuse to throw out a pair of tap shoes they wore in the 11th grade, that were bought second hand anyway! Yes my shoes are like my children. Can't just throw them out because they are out of style...they have "souls" hahahah (I'm really big on cheesy jokes too..there the best). The best thing about shoes is you are never too fat to wear a pair of fabulous shoes. Unless of course, you are 'crane' fat..and by that I mean a crane has to lift you out of your house. With all that being said if I had a "shoe child" I would want Christian Louboutin to father it. He is totally boss when it comes to shoes! The shoe above is Louboutin's Python Pump. These are pricey puppies, $1,055, but aren't they worth it? If you say're a "shoe whore" wannabe.


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  1. Seriously, that niece of yours is so cute!!! Her mother must be beautiful:)