Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Visit With MAQ

Every Thursday of our weekly blog we will present a showcase. This showcase will most likely be a particular someone or company that is playing an active part in the world of art, fashion, and all around creativity. We hope that this segment of our blog will serve as a platform for some of the people we find interesting.
We want to show off people who are making lasting footprints in our fascinating little world.
To get the ball rolling and show all you peeps exactly what we mean, we are going to showcase none other than MAQ this week. That’s right; we want to give you a little taste of who MAQ is and why Artsy MaQnolias will hopefully become a household name in the art scene of South Georgia!
M=Meg Cheatham, Fashion Designer.
A=Ashley Graham, Artist.
Q=Quincy Walker, PR Extraordinaire.

We are all recent college graduates and after coming down from our graduation high, we all slowly began to realize the effects of trying to use our majors in our location- South Georgia. It’s not that people don’t want an art scene in this area; the real problem is that they don’t know how to get one started! After we all made a conscious decision to not to be discouraged from what we all three love in life, we decided we wanted to make a change, a BIG one! Who says there can't be an "art scene" in South Georgia? MAQ sure didn’t, because there can be and it’s starting with Artsy MaQnolias!

We all have unique talents and varied backgrounds so we weren’t exactly sure how we were going to shake things up. However, one thing was certain, we all had a common idea that we wanted to share our ideas and creative passion with the world. We sought out an avenue that would allow us to demonstrate our talents and reach our audience in an accessible way. In this day and age with Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and A.’s Nana’s "My Spacebook," what is better than the being online? MAQ are all avid blog readers, so creating an Internet blog together only seemed..oh…you know?… PERFECT!

We have found a way to coordinate all of our ideas by using Artsy MaQnolias as a diary for the three of us. It’s a diary where we can share our thoughts with whoever wants to take notice. We want to share our dreams, ideas, opinions, and Do-it-yourself projects! We want to show our readers that you don’t have to bottle up all of your creativity and be a sad little person working a 9-5 job, you can let it out! Release your vision. If not anywhere else, do it with MAQ! Continue to join us weekly as we embark on this fabulous new venture. Follow our blog, Artsy MaQnolias, a diary of three young women raised in the South with ideas for the world.
Please visit our "Meet MAQ" page for personal bios and if you wish to be a part of Artsy MaQnolias please feel free to contact us. We love emails!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! You girlies are AMAZING and I am going to ENJOY your blog to the HILT...I am new to blogging and totally addicted to soooo many in just a few short months. Can't wait for My THURSDAY dashboard updates. A Million Hugsssss from Me to you BEAUTIFUL MAGNOLIAs!!!

  2. I love the blog! I enjoy reading the entry each day! Keep up the goode work girlies!!!