Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Red Carpet Style In Your Home

Design & Decor inspired by The Oscars
These items are sure to make all your friends jealous! Keep your home looking FABULOUS by adding a touch of Hollywood.

Everyone has that one outfit that makes them feel great, you just love it! I bought this top last weekend that I kinda died for, it just looked out of control and it was on sale (major bonus)...Well, there is no reason why you can't do this with your home decor. So many of my friends always complain about decorating, they say, "I just don't know where to begin or where to look." I think it's all about details. Take whatever you love in your closet and find furniture that is inspired by that look! After watching the Oscars this Sunday,I was inspired by all the glamour. I decided to challenge myself to do just this!

So here are some great examples on how to turn your wardrobe into fun inspiration for home design.

If you love the color of 
something, try decorating 
with it.

Add Ruffles! When possible, include texture and pattern, it will bring more to your design.

Try Neutral!
Bare is so hot right now!
Try it in your home for a calming effect.

Details, Details, Details!
Accentuate what you love, find details in decorative objects.

White is so Damn Sexy!
Decorating with white is basically amazing. It makes a room look larger, more elegant, and best of all clean! Try it now!

Go Glitz! 
If sequins are your favorite accessory, try it when decorating. Mirror furniture is awesome!

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