Friday, March 26, 2010

Whatever Friday


Throughout this week MAQ has been giving you ideas about how to fill your life with the delights of spring. I want to use today’s post to show you a few things that I’m using to make me feel fresh, healthy, and happy YEAR ROUND! These items are my loves so ENJOY!

1. Victoria Secret Cheek Tint- As I mentioned on Wednesday, a roll-on cheek tint has become my new best friend. It’s great for touch-ups throughout the day. I’ve been using the roll-on cheek tint from Avon in Berry but just picked up a new bright coral color from Victoria Secret on my last shopping trip. I love this one because it smells great too!

2. Miss Dior Cherie- This has been my perfume for almost four years now. It has sort of become my signature scent. I never believe and outfit is complete without perfume so I never leave the house without a “spritz.” I always get compliments on it and I am in love with their ad campaign, because I also have an obsession with balloons. Go figure. And j’adore Paris!

3. P90X- This workout has changed my life, honestly. My man friend, Matt, and I started the first time July 2009…but OFFICIALLY started January 2010. Even 3 broken toes couldn’t stop me this time. It’s PlifetimeX now. There is a very strict diet which I am….modifying. I’ve been cutting the carbohydrates and sugar and living by the motto “you are what you eat.” It’s helping but I can always do better. Measuring and weighing only stress me out, but the proof is in the pudding…or, in the mirror. Muscles are developing that I never knew I had. I even got my dad doing it! If you want intensity with your workout I STRONGLY recommend it.

"Looking good, Billy Ray!

Feeling good, Louis!"

peace out,


Hello Fellow Readers!

So I just discovered this wondrous flower, Fritillaria meleagris (also known as a Snake Head Flower) is a little spring bulbous flower that arrives in March. It is a petite and fragile beauty! I think they just amazing, and I must go plant a garden full right now!

Also, Im kinda obsessing over this look, if I were a bride this spring, I would have to have these two looks:

This pretty little Camilla & Marc dress available at Sunday Brunch. Its the perfect reception dress!

And this Hair Style is Shear Genius, So soft & romantic!

That's All Folks, Enjoy Your Weekend!



The past few weeks I have been really researching all the up-and-coming trends for the spring, and I must say I am completely Diggin' the over sized gold Jewry. I love the big "man" watches, they make my wrists look really skinny!! The Big Gold Chains are extremely trendy....just don't over do it, you may end up looking like Mr. T, "I pity da fool."

It's human nature to want something you can't have. For the last 3 months (at least) I have been trying to successfully execute the Mohawk ponytail....No success. Forget Friday night out with the girls, I'm in my bathroom teasing and spraying more hairspray than the human body should inhale...and it still looks like a hot mess.
Hope all of our MaQnolias have a simply FABULOUS Weekend.


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