Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fresh Faced Fashionistas

Fresh Faced Fashionistas

As Q. and A. have already shown you so far this week, there are so many great ways to infuse your lifestyle with the feeling of spring! Spring is a time of new beginnings and time to make a fresh start. Why don’t we take the ideas that we’ve been shown this week and apply those to our fashion and beauty choices!

My whole wardrobe revolves around the seasons. I literally have to box up and hide my non-seasonal clothes underneath my bed and in the far reaches of my closet. I don’t have anything close to what I refer to as the dream "Walk-in Wonderland" of a closet like Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City movie so I just have to make it work with what I have. I don’t have the room to play around with what makes “the closet cut.” I have to admit that at times I have been one of those nit-picky fashion people who gripe when it’s appropriate to wear open toed shoes and ask myself “how soon is too soon to jump into your springtime color scheme?” I am getting so much better of breaking myself of these notions because the sliding scale for this type of thing is continuously changing…can we say “winter white?” Are you not in love with mixed metals? I can’t even get over how much of a weight was lifted when I started mixing my bronze, gold, and silver jewelry! I was a new person when I discovered that I liked brown and black together as a fantastic new color combo!

What I am trying to express is that it can be FUN to experiment with your wardrobe! Go SEASONAL! I always have fun trying new styles and accepting the trendy colors of the season. Take some risks and step outside of your box. I know how hard it can be to go out and buy new stylish things, let alone buying a fashion magazine to find out what the new trendy things are! (Hello Books-A-Million benches- I will be here for a few hours.) Because it can be so expensive to try and shop trendy I always do a little shopping trip at home, IN MY CLOSET! I will literally go through and try to mix and match what I already own to create new chic fashionably trendy outfits. After I pick my new looks I see if I need a few little things to pull the outfit together. If so, I can just purchase those instead of the whole outfit brand new. (Try Goodwill or consignment shops first!) By doing so, I save tons of money and I’m getting more wear-time out of my clothes.


In Fashion: There a lot of hot trends for spring right now so I want to tell you about my favorite trend of this season for the ladies and one that I keep seeing everywhere. Dewy blush tones that suggest a morning sunrise are all the rage my little darlings! Ethereal and flowy are what‘s making ME blush with anticipation! Neutrals and pastels are what you need to be searching for. Think “Colors of Dawn.” Take this movie poster for Pride and Prejudice as inspiration. ((By the way...this movie is incredible. It is one of my favorites and so is the book by Jane Austen. Read and watch if you're seeking greatness..ahh I can hear the soundtrack now...just lovely!))

You can totally thank J.Crew for hitting the nail on the head with this trend. Check out these outfits shown below.

MEN: You need to brighten your wardrobes with POPS of color. Try keeping a neutral ensemble but wearing boat shoes in a bright new hue. Add some pizzazz to your work suit with a fun bright colored tie. Show off the time with a brightly colored face on your watch. I also can’t tell you how much I love, love, love a straw fedora on a guy. *Love, love, love* Gentleman, please just have fun with your wardrobe and don’t be so serious.

Everyone, always remember that the main theme for EVERY spring is to be breezy and enjoy the comfort and ease of your clothes.

In Beauty: In regards to beauty, here are some great ways to freshen up your look. Try breaking into spring with a fresh new YOU! Brighten your face with the colors of dawn and always be dewy and glowing. Make sure to moisturize and don’t be afraid of blush! Blush will give you that instant POP of color to make you look radiant instead of that blah-winter dead look you’ve had going on. I recommend a roll-on cheek tint to touch up throughout the day -Pinch those cheeky if you have to! For the men, I recommend a tinted moisturizer. Tinted moisturizers are fantastic for men because you’re getting some color without having the fear of being too feminine. For springtime hair I always like some face framing highlights or flirty layers! If you’re not ready for anything drastic, try changing it up some with your style. Push your bangs back with a floral headband and show off your new glow. What about braids? Braids are my go-to style when the lion’s mane cannot be tamed, as well as my sleep hair-do. Try channeling your inner most Guinevere and do a long braid down your back or maybe even a side braid. But of course, if you’re feeling daring, I love it when my peeps go for a nice CHOP! How else can you say "fresh start" than a completely new do!

Please leave some comments if you have any other tips for springtime fashion and beauty. We would also love to see some pics of our readers trying out their new spring style.

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