Friday, March 5, 2010


So the past week I have been totally obsessed with with light pink lipstick. I guess the color pink makes me think of spring, which I long for. I am sick of cold, miserable, blah, weather. Sunshine and pastels please find me soon. This lip stick is MAC (way you love) and it will only costs you about $14. Well worth the money.

For the past six years I have been a blond. My hair has kind of been like my calling card. My motto has been the blonder the better. My last trip to the salon, Patrick, who serves double duty as my cosmetologist and best friend, broke the news to me....apparently the older we get the darker are hair gets, thus making it harder to pull the blond through, which causes breakage and gives your hair that "fried" look. Lately I have been focusing a lot on letting my hair grow. I want it to be long and healthy more than I want it to be blond. If I keep coloring it, it will never grow out as long I want. So I have decided to ditch the bleach and get back to my roots. (Not having to get my hair highlighted every other month will also save me some "monies") After researching "brunette" options, I realized, brunettes have a completely different appeal than blonds, which I love. I have been trying to decide exactly what type of brunette I want to be.The two final choices are a dark chocolate with just a hint of red; or an almost black dark brown. Regardless of the color I chose, It will be a MAJOR change. I love the fact that I am going to have to start all over...with new hair comes new make up colors that work best with your tone, different ways you can style your hair(no more obvious root rot if I want to wear a tight pony.) I will most definitely keep you guys posted on this venture.

This amazing Oscar De La Renta ensemble is my lust of the week. The sequined silk pencil style skirt with bronze, red and teal sequin-embroidered tulle is simply fabulous.
The sequined bishop-sleeve blouse is what really sold me on this outfit. The surplice neckline, along with the detail at the shoulders give this shirt the "wow" factor. The loose fit, and all over pleating makes this outfit look like you could actually wear it comfortably. This fabulous outfit does not come without a price tag. The blouse alone will set you back about $800...Which is exactly why it is something I lust after. Ahh the day when $800 is pocket change for me, will be the day this magnificent designer finds a home in my closet.

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  1. Q I cannot wait to see you as a BRUNETTE! I'm going to love it!