Monday, March 1, 2010

In a World gone GREEN

Welcome to our first blog post!

This week is all about "Going Green". I am starting the week off by giving helpful tips that will not only help save our environment, but also help you save a little green in your wallet.

Now that we are well into 2010 how many of us can honestly say we have stuck to our New Years resolutions? Many of us make New Years resolutions with no real intention of following through with them. Today I challenge you to make a "Green" resolution. There are many ways to live green beyond the fuel efficient cars, new light bulbs, recycling paper, aluminum, and glass. You may already be living a more green friendly lifestyle and not even realize it. Here are a few simple changes you can make to begin your green resolution.

* Let's get physical!
I feel in the future are children and grandchildren will be appalled at the fact that we would waste a gallon of gas to go to the store simply for a loaf of bread, milk, cigarettes, etc.
Leave the car behind and take a walk, you might even shed a few extra pounds!

* Get Outside!
Instead of staying inside all day burning electricity. Go out and get some fresh air.
Walk around your neighborhood.
Take your camera out and get some pictures of the winter landscape.
Write down your thoughts, to-do list, and balance bills on a notepad outside on a picnic table.

*Put on some clothes!
I am extremely cold natured, so I know what it is like to want to crank up the heat on a chilly day. However, just by putting on an extra layer of clothes, throwing on a sweatshirt or jacket, or even putting on socks you can save your heat. Not only will you be conserving energy but you will save you money on your electric bill,(which could go towards a night out on the town, or a fabulous new pair of shoes!)

*Switch it off!
While your getting your beauty sleep at night, unplug your appliances.

* Make secondhand-- one of a kind Fabulous!
Shop in consignment stores, take an old, outdated outfit and put your own personal flair to it.

* Share with others!
WARNING: When you are a few pounds lighter, have fierce "new" outfits, and extra green in your purse you will asked, "What is your secret?" The biggest way to spread the green lifestyle is by sharing with others. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, etc. the simple changes you have made to become the Fabulous new you!

Tomorrow, A will show you how to give your home a "facelift" by using materials you already have.

Wednesday, look forward to bringing back to life a piece of your wardrobe that is hanging on by thread. M will show you how to make outdated clothes, fashion forward chic.

Share with us changes you have made in your life to be green.
Good Luck with your Green Resolutions!


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