Monday, March 22, 2010

And the Green Grass Grows all around, all around. And the Green Grass Grows all around.

This morning when I stepped outside I felt something very strange between my toes, (yes I'm barefoot, I'm from the South what do you expect.) It was soft, cool and a little moist...ahh yes the feel of fresh grass between my toes. We are finally seeing signs that SPRING is here! Time to take off the jacket and sweaters, and bust out the pastels.

The New year technically begins Jan. 1, but for some, like myself, the New Year begins when I get my first whiff of fresh grass, or feel it between my toes. Spring is the season of new beginnings. It evokes the thought of renewal and hope for a better future. During the winter everything dies, we cover up our bodies with jackets, bulky sweaters, and our feet are trapped within boots and closed toe shoes. We literally gain an extra 5 pounds just to stay warm. Spring gives us hope that summer is right around the corner. Our bodies realize this and we get a surge of new found energy. We begin to prepare for the summer. With Spring comes Spring cleaning, here are a few tips to begin a fresh new start.

Remove all the clutter from your life. Clean out your closet, if you haven't worn it in a year donate it to the savlation army, or goodwill.

Take out all those Dust Bunnies. If you have allergies your gonna have to fight pollen, you shouldnt be worrying about the dust.

OPEN a Window-
On a nice day, open a window and air out your house. Nothing is better than a fresh breeze blowing through your bedroom.

Set New Goals-
With spring comes a new found energy, set a few goals that you can accomplish in the near future. Don't worry so much about long term. Whether it's paying bills on time, losing 5 pounds, volunteering more, etc.

Enjoy the weather and get out and do something...anything.
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