Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fashion Scene of Green

Happy St. Patty’s Day!!!

On Monday, Q. gave you some tips on how to incorporate the color green into your outfit today without looking like Kermit the Frog puked all over you, or like Kermit the Frog was in fact ALL OVER YOU (Gaga.) Hopefully, most of you took those tips into consideration and have put forth your best effort to look stylishly green today. This isn’t Chatroulette so I can’t exactly see what you’re wearing, but I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and no pinches from moi!

Miss A. showed you some examples of how you can incorporate different shades of green into your home décor. I thought it would nice to do some blending and show you how you can take the principles from both ladies and apply it to your wardrobe year round, while also adding a few other “green” wardrobe tips.

Aside from St. Patrick’s Day I generally like wearing the color green. It’s a vibrant color that I’m drawn to when browsing through the racks. I like the Kelly green shade that is most commonly associated with St. Patty’s Day like in this sweet cardigan with cream lace detail from Anthropologie.

I love the sea foam/mint green the best! Try mixing up your shades of green! How about this Burberry trench coat that is to die for?

I also totally die for a good chartreuse color; it just so happens to be one of my obsession colors of the moment. Don’t you just love how it’s used in this Jason Wu skirt?

You could also try picking pieces with bright POPS of green like in the striping detail on this cardigan from Anthropologie.

***I like the fact that by varying the shades and styles of green in your closet, you can really collect some nice pieces that you can wear year after year. These pieces will look fantastic whether you’re celebrating the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day or it’s just a normal day at the office.

If you’re a green “hater,” (and it’s OK if you are) why don’t you try not thinking so literally and try “going green” with your wardrobe in other ways?! Why don’t you think environmentally and try wearing clothes that are eco-friendly? I think it is great that so many clothing companies are using organic and environmentally friendly materials in their clothing lines. I know that my closet isn't full of eco-friendly clothing but I am working on collecting more pieces. When I think about what I want most on my skin I prefer all natural materials as opposed to synthetic. Just to name a few clothing companies that are "going green" in different ways are TOMS Shoes, Green Tea Clothing Company, and Jonano.

TOMS uses all recyclable materials such as hemp and plastic bottle caps. TOMS even has Vegan-friendly shoes that use no animal products. * TOMS has a very important movement called “One For One,” which is a promise to donate one pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair sold.*

Green Tea Clothing Company uses sustainable fabrics such as 100% organic cotton and bamboo, recycled material, and water-based inks in their tee-shirt designs. The company donates their proceeds to conservation organizations.

Jonäno is a designer and manufacturer of sustainable organic apparel. The clothing company uses organic cotton and bamboo to make stylish eco-friendly clothing.

Project for the Peeps: Give yourself a green challenge. If you are hesitant about adding the color green to your wardrobe, try buying a unique green piece to hang in your closet. If you are already a green color lover, try out an eco-friendly piece of apparel. Broaden your horizons and step on the "Fashion Green Scene!"

peace out, M.

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