Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Boo...

Every little girl who has ever been ex
posed to a Disney movie, dreams of being a princess. We spend hours playing dress up, dancing with Prince Eric (little Mermaid), and when our parents make us do something we don't like we pretend we are Cinderella and wait for our fairy godmother to come make everything all better.

As we get older we do realize that we are not "true" princesses, but we still spend hours finding the perfect outfit, waiting on Prince Charming, and when we feel blue or need a change we all have our own personal "fairy godmother" to lift our spirits and make us beautiful. Our Cosmetologist.

This past weekend at the Oscars there were several fairy godmothers that were working overtime. What? you think SJP did that hair herself. Now every fairy godmother is good at heart, but like Sleeping Beauty's fairies Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, they sometimes make mistakes. For example Kate Gosselin and Billy Ray Cyrus. YIKES! And sometimes we mess up ourselves, and have to get our fairy godmothers to perform MIRACLES!

There is just something about going to the salon and having it be all about you that makes any regular day extraordinary. If you are feeling blue you can go get a mani-pedi and feel like a million! And for some reason no matter how hard you try you can never get your hair to look as good as it did as when you left the salon. You can buy the exact same product, use the same just doesn't happen. I'm telling you it's that magic fairy godmother glitter.

This week my fair godmother, Patrick ('paddy cakes' as I like to call him), had to dust off is wand and get out THE BEST fairy dust he had, because I had a challenge for him.

Now Paddy has been my cosmetoligist for the past 6 years. Fresh out of highschool, before he had decided to be a cosmetoligist, he was the one and only who touched my hair. Like most college students I was BROKE, all the time. But I had already been blonde for a year and had to maintain. "Box" color was my bestfriend and worst nightmare. If you have used box color you know that the results never look like the model on the box. But somehow Patrick had a gift and it would turn out fabulous....well considering the price we paid for it, it was fabulous.

Once we were doing the box color and it came with a cheap little cap, and cheap little tweezer-like things to pull the hair through...after about thirty minutes of pain I had had enough! I ripped the cap out, went in the bathroom and got a comb. I handed it to Patrick and said "Comb it in!". He gave me the "Hell No I'm not going to be responsible when your hair is ruined" look. After much convincing he finally did it, nothing could look worse than the root rot I had going on up north. When it was all said and done my hair actually looked really good....until I pulled it up in a pony, the sides were straight up CHEETAH. Nevertheless, we went out that night and I actually got several compliments on my hair. That is just one example of how everything he touches turns to "shear genius".

I completely trust him. It's nice to be able to go to your cosmetologist sit in the chair and say "I have no idea what I want, but make me a princess" and they can actually deliver.

Well after being is "pride and joy" blonde for the past six years, it was time to head over to the dark side. As I posted last week, he had informed me the older I get, the darker my hair gets and the harder it becomes to pull the blonde through. Thus making it thin, fried, etc. I really wanted my hair to be healthy and SUPA long, so we did the one thing I never thought I would do...or that Patrick would ever do for me....we went brown...and not just any brown...dark brown.



Sorry there is no makeup on my face...I feel I was totally having one of those "Buzz your girlfriend..woof!" moments...but the hair..the hair is fabulous.

Patrick makes miracles happen everyday. Even if he does not touch my hair he can still make me feel like a million bucks!!

If you are in the South Georgia area call and make an appointment, (I'm willing to share my fairy godmother.) 912-285-0555. Or drop by and visit. SALON CHEVEUX- 325 Hatcher Point Rd. Waycross Ga, 31503.


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