Thursday, June 17, 2010

Whatever Friday 6/17


For me, summer living is supposed to be light, easy, and carefree. It's so hot in the summer that we all just want to relax and not worry with things, especially fixing a lunch when you're a girl or guy on the run. This past week I was introduced to a low-carb meal that you can grab in a jiff. I had previously heard about "low-carb burgers" but never thought I could find one...a good Alma. Well, I was wrong!

Tuesday I tried my first Low-Carb Thickburger from Hardees! It was delicious! It's your basic thickburger sans bready bun. The burger and "fixins" come packaged in a lettuce wrap. Now don't think this is exactly and low-calorie option because it does come with the traditional condiments like ketchup and cheese, etc. which could of course be ditched and it would still be delish.

It was hearty and filling and I didn't even crave a french-fry! Yay! I recommend you all try one because I am a fan. Let me know what y'all think!

Happy Weekend Friends!

peace out,


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