Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beat the Summer Heat! Vol. 3- Health and Fitness

Hello Maqnolias! Welcome to the final instalment of Beat the Summer Heat! I have already given you helpful tips on how to stay looking pretty and fresh during these humid, unbearable months, by suggesting new simple humid ready hair styles and makeup that won't drip and make you look like the crypt keeper. Today is all about health and fitness. If you are like me "summer" snuck up mighty quick this year. After about 2 weeks of Spring it's all of a sudden bikini weather. I don't know about you but I was nowhere near ready for bikini season.

If you think it's to late to start working on your fitness, you're wrong. It's never to late to start getting healthy and in shape.

The past two weeks I have been working my behind off trying new types of workouts for "real" people. None of that loose 10 pounds in a week junk, because we all know even if it does work it's not a diet you can stick to and keep the ol' LB's off.

During this heat I highly recommend joining a gym if you are not already a member. The air condition alone is worth the $35 a month you would pay. Gyms also offer a variety of classes to suit your work out plan. You can also get professional advice on what is the best work out for you.

I know times are hard and a gym membership may not be in your budget. If this is your situation I suggest purchasing a variety of work out videos (yoga, toning, Abs/Buns of steal) and work out from home. Going for a late afternoon jog is a good cardio workout when the sun begins to set taking the heat with it.

Here are three alternates I have tried these past few weeks and can really feel the burn. It's not your average treadmill, ab blaster, it's different work outs that work different muscles in your body.

Swimming- ...and not just for fun in the pool. This week I swam two miles in an Olympic sized pool, and all I can say is..What a work out! I never thought I would be so worn out from swimming. Swimming takes all of the muscles in your body working together so you get a great all over work out. Plus you stay cool.

Cycling- I have known people who lost a lot of weight and when I asked "how did you do it?" they say cycling. I have never cylced before, ride a bike for fun, yes, but never the hardcore stuff. Cycling is with out a doubt the best way to tighten up your thighs and buns. It's a great substitute for cardio when you don't feel like running.

TRX- is a class that my gym offers. It is an extension class that works muscles you never thought you had. It's not high speed cardio but will get your heart pumping. It stretches your muscles so you can get that long/lean look.
I know it may look intense but it's like it is with any exercise..pace yourself. It's your workout, make it fit your body's needs. After all your hard work your body will naturally not want all those fatty foods that are bad for you and before you know it you will be feeling fabulous in your bikini.
Good Luck Maqnolias! Stay Hydrated!

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