Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Beat the Summer Heat! Vol. 1- Hair!

I consider it a great triumph to look amazing during the summer.
Lets face it, no matter how many summer tips you read in a magazine the odds are against you during this season my friend.

If you manage to get ready without breaking a sweat, as soon as you set foot out side you are fighting heat, humidity, and the summer "stick". Ugghhh which makes getting ready pointless.
I recently found myself spending almost two hours getting ready to go out one night a few weekends ago.
I know what you are thinking "DIVA", but that is not at all the case.
First, as always I shower, brush the teeth, lotion up and blow dry the hair, which usually takes about 20 minutes.

Then came the hard part I began to get ready...Usually a fairly quick task...not this night kiddies.
Is it just me or do we have to take "breaks" from getting ready to go out during the summer months?

On top of being the most cold natured person I know...I had the air set to 50..50 people (can't wait to see the power bill) all fans blowing and doors open. Plenty of air circulation, but I still had to take a few breaks from getting ready because I was starting to perspire.
Finally ready to go, I arrive to my destination and that 30 minutes of letting my hair sit in hot rollers while drowning in the toxins of my hairspray...down the drain.
I looked fabulous when I stepped out the door, but 15 minutes outside I have flat nappy hair, make up pouring down my face, and a layer of sweat is between me and my clothes...will someone knock over a fire hydrant please?!?!
So I the past few weeks I have been researching what really works in the summer. My first stop is the Hair. You might as well but the hot rollers and hairspray in storage because they are a waste of time. The following are easy to do trendy summer hairstyles that are not only easy to do but will also allow you to look fabulous and summer fresh!

ONE: Cut it out!

If you are one of those people I hate... you can chop all their hair off and have it grown out to your shoulders by October, then by all means chop chop!!

Bobs and "Slightly" angled cuts are in this summer. (be sure you are clear to your stylist you do not want the "dramatic" angled hair cut.)

If you can't bare the chair but still want to drop some hair weight, then try some layers. It will give your hair more dimension and make your hair feel lighter.


Only during the summer is messy hair acceptable. Let your hair air dry after you shower. Maybe throw in a bit of moose, toss your hair around and you are ready to go. Weather it be to the beach or to a luau!


Braids are so in this summer. Weather you are going for a sophisticated, playful, or natural look, braids are suitable for all occasions. Adding a braid simply gives your hair a little something extra while keeping it out of your face or off your shoulders and back.


Buns are my absolute favorite. There is no right or wrong way to wear a bun so anyone, anywhere, anytime can create a fabulous bun. I have, on many occasions, started the night/day out with my hair down and fixed, then wham bam thank you ma'am up in a fierce bun with just a few simple flicks of the wrist.

For more special summer occasions High Buns are often used.

Ballerina Buns are perfect for date night, they are not to dressy but not to casual.

And for a night out with the girls, or a day on the beach the messy bun is a flirty way to beat the heat without looking like a total train wreck.

If you have naturally wavy hair, then the summer humidity is your worst nightmare. No matter how much product use or straitening you do the humidity always wins. Remember that the HUMIDITY A.K.A. Mother Nature ALWAYS WINS!! So just give in already. Embrace your natural curl. Put the Chi down and give your hair a break. In the winter..Knock your self out with the super sleek hair, but in the summer be all natural!

You will still look fabulous and cut your "getting ready" time in half. Just run some moose through your hair and you are ready to go.

Ponytails are a girls salvation during the summer. They can be worn in any situation.

In an outdoor wedding on the equator in the middle of summer PONYTAIL.

Going out on a first date...PONYTAIL

Beach day with the girls...PONYTAIL.

The Ponytail is a girls hero.

So if you are feeling Plain Jane about your summer hair...then spice it up with head accessories. Lucky for you headbands, hats, feathers, clips, etc. are in style this Summer season.
Going to a Luau? Be festive and add a little flower to your beach curls.
Special occasion? A jeweled head band would look perfect with your High Bun.
We already have enough to worry about during the summer, beach bodies, body hair, moisturizing, etc.

Your hair should not be one of them.
Have A Safe Summer MaQnolias!



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