Tuesday, June 1, 2010

AB Graham feeling a little BLUE

Good Morning Artsy Readers! Today is an exciting day, actually its an exciting week for me! The Blueberry Festival in Alma, GA is this Friday and Saturday- you maybe wondering what this has to do with me, but this year I'm selling up some hot new goodies! That's right, your girl here has a tent for AB Graham Arts that is going to be awesome! 
(Banner for my tent)

Let me tell you though, it has been a lot more work than I originally anticipated. When I signed up on a whim 3 months ago, I thought oh this will be fun, I'll just sell some prints and paintings, plus hopefully spread my name out there. Little did I know that God had some bigger plans in mind for me! I currently have no works for sale because of shows- such a blessing! So this left me pondering over what to sell at the BF. No worries. I decided to do some old favorites & some new products as well! 
All of your favorite flowers will still be there! 

After I started slowly working on some stuff, I realized that if I wanted to this to be successful I really needed to turn up the elbow grease. and boy, have I! Its time for me to show these Alma folk what this BGG (brooks-graham girl) can do! 

I have a new collection of summer tote bags! FUN! 

And, because you asked for it, I will be selling paper flowers, so sweet & beautiful! 

I have also learned that Alma girls love them some SPARKLE, so I have a new collection of headbands that are sure to please! Inspired by Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl.
I have some more goodies in store for my tent, but I will leave them a surprise! If you are in Alma this weekend, be sure to stop by my tent and check it all out. As always, every item I sell is made by hand and only a limited number of each is available- so come quick! Be sure to sign up for a free t-shirt while you're there! 

Be Blessed, 
Check back next Tuesday for a follow up report! 


  1. Very proud of you sweety, BFU!

  2. i mean sweetie, haha, no form of education can correct my poor spelling

  3. Thanks girl, I can't spell either. bfu.