Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Freshness


Ok, y' this is kind of silly, but since we're all kinda takin' it easy with the blog this summer....I wanted to tell you guys about something I'm loving this week- The AirWick Fresh Matic!!! For starters, I need to begin with telling you all that I recently rescued a little baby kitty cat and he has quickly become the newest addition to our family. Say hello to Sir Severus Snape.

If any of you have had know with cats, comes litter boxes! With litter boxes, comes an odor of CAT. We have invested in some fantastic litter box deodorizer...but have fallen in love with our AirWick Fresh Matic! It holds an aerosol can of air-freshener and dispenses it periodically. We set a timer for it to dispense the freshener every ten minutes and the house smells wonderful always. It smells better now than it did before Sev!

So that's all...I'm just in love with this little fresh-maker. Invest in won't be sorry!

Have a nice week guys!
peace out,

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